Rose Tea Cottage

Where tea is served at half past four

These lovely flowers are from my garden. My talented sister Lady A arranged them in vintage vases for me. Thanks sis, you are the best. Please click on the photo to enlarge and enjoy their beauty.
P.S. Observant dustjacketattic noticed that I have not introduced the lady in the middle, shame on me. Left to right: Mrs. Dimple, Dorotea, and Floradora.


dustjacket attic said...

Oooooh I spotted another lady vase, what's her name? She's very glamorous!

Congratulations on your award Duchess!xx

Duchess of Tea said...

You are very observant!! I should have introduced her, her name is Dorotea.

Nora Johnson said...

Many thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment! Will be back here again soon (work permitting!)to look at your gorgeous images! Loved the flowers!

Hoping you've had a great Tuesday,


Duchess of Tea said...

Nora, thanks for stopping by my cottage. Drop by again soon.

polly pratt said...

These are just devine. Thanks for stopping by .


Anonymous said...


yuor blg is sooooo wunderful.i love all the swiet things.

greatings conny

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