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Yesterday I walked into the grocery store and the first thing that greeted me was a delicious display of figs. Figs happen to be both mine and my dad’s favorite fruit. My mum used to make a jam with purple figs that was to die for.

The Greeks believed that figs were a gift from the goddess of grain and fertility. Often newly married young women were given fresh figs to ensure and strengthen their fertility. Figs range from a deep purple in color to a grassy green. When ripe, their skin is extremely delicate and often bursts open revealing the juicy and seedy center.

Wow, a parfum!!
Click on the photo for more information.

The leaves and the twigs of a fig tree were abandoned in favor of the divine, nectarous, darkly-sweet fruits. The figs in Patricia de Nicolai rendition are ripe and marvelously soft, oozing ambrosial juice. The osmanthus, with its slight apricot-like undertone, and the wonderfully boozy davana make the smell of figs not just mouthwatering but actually intoxicating. To keep the lush sweetness in check, the creator balanced the figs and the flowers with a tea note. Dry and slightly smoky, black tea turns the decadently luscious composition into a blend of utter elegance. A treat for the fig-scent connoisseurs and the lovers of refined and unusual fruity perfumes ♥ The Queen of The Nile, Cleopatra, referred to this lusciously seductive fruit as the fruit of romance and believed their scents to have an aphrodisiac quality and often used soaps scented with figs for said purpose. You get the picture Luv, don't you?

Yes, there is also a fig tea!!

An easy recipe for a deliciously sweet and savoury snack.
Start with washed ripe figs. Simply slice them, spread salty goat cheese over crusty French bread, arranged the figs and sprinkle honey all over the toast!!
Now, grab yourself a nice chilled glass of Chenin Blanc and enjoy!!

Stuffed figs with cream cheese, dates and walnuts, an easy and elegant hors d'oeuvre or a sweet dessert, your choice!!

♥ Fig and goat cheese, a marriage made in heaven ♥

Succulent figs stuffed with mozzarella cheese and topped with Prosciutto and fresh mint ♥

Glorious green figs stuffed with Parmesan cheese, topped with fresh breadcrumbs with a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil then baked for 10 minutes and served warm ♥

Dried fig stuffed with a homemade Gianduja (hazelnut paste)
dipped in tempered bittersweet chocolate ganache ♥

♥ Fig tart with honey lavender ice cream ♥

♥ Poached figs with Ricotta cheese ♥

♥ Figs and Prosecco an excellent combination as an apéritif ♥

♥ Duck roast topped with corriander salad and fresh fig ♥

♥ Linguine & Fig with Basil Sauce ♥

Fig Pizza!!

Roasted lamb with a rosemary, garlic, Bartletta pearl onions, thyme, fig and balsamic and red wine reduction!!

♥ Fig and goat cheese tartlets ♥

“Train up a fig-tree in the way it should go, and when you are old sit under the shade of it.”
~ Charles Dickens


Coastal Sisters said...

Dearest Duchess~
What a fabulous posting! I never knew how much you could do with figs. I must pick some up at the market this weekend and try one of these delish combinations. Thank you dear one for sharing this information. The photos were just wonderful.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh my goodness, where do I start! First off, I'd love to try all those dishes, who knew the humble fig could do so much.

Just adore the beautiful images, the teacup is so gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Good evening dear Duchess, I so enjoyed reading your post. I have learned a lot about different ways in which to serve figs. Thank you very much. I loved all of the different presentations. Everything was just lovely.

icandy... said...

Hello there, sweet Duchess!
Listen to this... we had an enormous fig tree growing in our backyard when we used to live in Arkansas! I had never seen one like that before. We were just renting the home, but we would have sooo much fun picking, scrubbing and eating the fruit! Mmmmmm, tasty! But....... not as tasty (looking) as some of your wonderful recipe photos!

Brenda Leyland said...

Wow --- what a figgy assortment!! Enjoyed all the wonderful photos and ideas on how to use figs!

Southern Touch Catering said...

That's it! I'm off to my daughter's house to rob her fig tree. My mouth is dripping!
Some of these recipes are familiar ones, the other's I'll ad to my cookbook. Thanks Duchess!

Rose said...

Would you believe Duchess that I have never knowingly tasted a fig! And I wouldnt have imagined that there are so many things you can do with figs. Do you eat the skin? I think it may be that the texture doesnt look appealing to me. Of course I should try them, with your pictures looking so gloriously yummy :)
Thankyou for sharing another interesting post!


Kathryn said...

Please let me tell you how lovely all those photos are and how desperate I am to add figs to my grocers list! I love all the images and all the ideas, especially the champagne with figs...oooh la la!

Jennie said...

Figs are Fabulous! And so was that post! Mouthwatering pictures! Simply figalicious!

Thank you for visiting me Duchess! Your comments were just lovely!



MiniMadWoman said...

Oh my goodness! I'm in fig heaven! I didn't know there were so many uses for this wonderful little fruit . . . I'm wishing I had some in the house right now - I have a craving! LOL!!

The pictures are just gorgeous . . . I especially love the tea cup . . . pass that over my way please! LOL!!

Thank you so much for sharing!


Mimi said...


I have never eaten a fig!!!
I have heard that they are great for men for fertility, note the shape, and Avocado's for women as they resemble the ovaries!!! Figs look like --well you know!!!! Think Man!!!!
Those dishes look delicious though!!
I leave town tomorrow, so I will try and comment when I can and I will upload pics from Chicago and Orlando!!!

a woman who is said...

My oh my! I am falling in love with figs and all your figgy recipes. I will have to go find some figs and goat cheese...I am sold.

Ginger said...

Loved your post for today! Figs are my very favorite fruit. Unfortunately, we have had a dry summer in Louisiana and our figs have suffered. We've not had nary a one this year. Your photos had my mouth watering. The fig tea has already been ordered. No kidding!

Mz. Spider said...

I LOVe figs& I love you Duchess...but anyway... Just recently, I've been picking these sensual fruits with the gorgeous wife and daughters. They were plump, juicy & warm to taste. We picked them straight off the tree. We spent 20mins. looking for the darkest, plumpest fruits to pick. They were as sweet as honey. :P

My personal favorite way to eat them baked - stuffed with goat cheese stuffed inside then wrapped tightly with prosciutto and served with a bite size piece of cantalope then drizzled with a bit of balsamic vinegar...uh...MAGNIFIQUE!!!!

Perfect post as usual, Duchess!


Mz. Spider said...

CORRECTION: neighbor's WIFE that is ;)

Mia said...

I love figs to :)
I bought my mum a tiny fig tree, that resembled more a twig than a tree, and now 15 years later, it is pretty much taking over her small garden :)
We also use the leafs to wrap fish in with a little oil and salt and pepper, and cook them in the oven, it keeps the fish moist, and gives it a bit of a coconut flavor :)


Elise said...

Hello, just wanted to leave you a commment to say how much I've enjoyed reading your posts today. And the cupcakes... well, glad to see you are a fellow cupcake !!! You have great pictures too.

Best wishes

Selba said...

I want figs!!! I've never eaten the fresh figs in my life! Ah.. so sad!

Beautiful pictures :)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my, I absolutely love figs they are sooo delicious! Look at all these wonderful recipe ideas for figs, thank you so much for all the yummy inspiration!
Have a lovely day

Anonymous said...

Dear Duchess~~What a splendid post!
Each photo is just fabulous and displays this versatile fruit first class!
I must admit I have never eaten a fig just by its lonesome:(
I wonder how many of us will be searching for this divine little fruit after reading this beautiful tribute?

Have a lovely day!!

Michela said...

Dearest Duchess,
thank you so much for the sweetiest tea I've ever had so far!

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh my! they all look devine. wow, a fig has such an adventurous life ahead of it. I can't help but LOVE the teacup :)

Madeline's Album said...

I love figs. Did not know you could do so many things with them. Your pictures are just great. Have a wonderful day.

Maggi said...

Wow, so many ways to use figs! And those dishes, yum-o!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

What a nice post! I guess I should try something else other than a fig cookie (Fig Newton, they're called). Love the picture of the teacup and saucer. Have a great day.
; )

My Passport to Style said...

Great inspiration, for doing classy things with figs! I feel a dinner party coming on, thanks duchy your a gem! Sxx

parTea lady said...

What a beautiful post. You have inspired me to branch off from my usual Fig Newtons and try some fresh figs. The food pics all look so delicious.

That gorgeous green cup and saucer is such a pretty shape and very delicate. The fig tea sounds really good and it is organic - bonus. said...

awesome pictures ...
kindly pls collect ur award from my blog dear !!

Blueberry Heart said...

Great post! Lovely photos as always too! Who'd have thought there was such a thing as a fig pizza!!!

BH x

Simply Colette said...

What a wonderful post! Love the fig photograpby :) I have to admit I've never eaten a fig, but now it a good time to start. :)

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Well Duchess,
I so loved your figgy post and now I really,really want some fresh figs - mmmmm.....mouthwatering recipe ideas galore. Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a collection of fig ideas. I just love each one of them, especially the stuffed figs. Yummm!
Now you have my mind running rampant on figs. I have been wanting to make a fig chutney.

Anonymous said...

Some of those give new meaning to "figgy pudding".

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

what a deliciously figgy post. Oh my I love looking at all your delightful photos. We just got in fresh figs at work this week. They have such a short season. I am coming back to try some of your yummy recipes.
♥ Rebecca

ProdigalWife said...

Those figs look beautiful! I must confess, I would be terrified of buying figs, really have no idea what they should look or smell like! You've made me hungry though.

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Duchess, thank you for writing to me. :-)))Please, take your time and do not worry about anything...All in it's own time.
This post is nothing short of spectacular! It is so funny how I literaly freeze in front of every single post you create. Marvelous pictures, beautiful writing - being your guest is simply a delight!

OceanDreams said...

I think the fig pizza looks super good and I love the parallels you made to Cleopatra, she was a true beauty, I am sure! I learned so much about figs, hope you have a great weekend Duchess!

Cori G. said...

Oh Duchess, who would have thought you could do so much with a fig...certainly not I, but I think I have a new appreciation for them. No longer will I look at them as wrinkled fruit, but as something divinely delicious! I have to try the mix of the goat cheese, figs, and crusty bread.

Happy Friday!!

xoxo Cori

Muneeba said...

I recently introduced my hubbs to fresh figs ... he was completely fascinated! I've always loved them .. we used to get this gigantic ones in the Middle East, dark purple on the outside & bright red on the inside. Your pics are a fitting tribute to an amazing fruit!

parTea lady said...

Duchess, thanks again for this lovely post. You inspired me to try some fresh figs. I bought some California Brown Turkey figs and they are delicious. I'm going back to buy some other kinds to try. They are half price at Publix right now - perfect timing.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Duchess,
I love figs so much and I haven't had them in the longest time! I have had some of the combinations you showed, but I have to say the fig pizza has my curiosity piqued!

And thank you for including fig parfums in your post! It is one of my very favorite scents! So unusual and somewhat dark, but refreshing, all at once!




These figue recipes sound super delicious! My grandmother does the most amazing green figue jam ever which is a dream on french toast. Can't wait to try some of your wonderful food inspirations...

Anonymous said...

I have never tried a fig. The presentation makes me want to try!

Maggie said...

First I want to say while I'm a firm believer an aphrodisiac can't hurt, I want nothing to do with it if it also means fertility- why should Trooper and I tempt fate? LOL!

And I'm sorry I haven't been by for a bit- having a lemon of a life at the moment and working on making lemonade. You blog helps give me a boost!

kisses and hugs and cosmos to all!

Bonnie- amour amour said...

A beautiful post- I am now craving yummy figs!

JamaGenie said...

I had *no* idea figs were so versatile! What a lovely and informative post! But another instance of 'great minds'...I included figs in this week's Monday Mishmash!


Deanna said...

Dear Duchess,
It would be and adventure for me to taste these beautiful figs.
All the best to you,

Amelia PS said...

oh my, you live a mighty tea-licious life!!!

Coddled Eggs and Kings Smiling. said...

HAHHAHAHA I was looking for a fig recipe and found your post far more interesting and delightful then actually doing anything with my figs.Its a good Summer on this side of the world for figs.Love your blog Just love it It makes me giggle. THANK YOU

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