Rose Tea Cottage

Where tea is served at half past four

A million thanks for all your well wishes.
I am overwhelmed by your love laced comments and emails
which lifted my spirits and helped me endure the horrible flu that kept me away from you.

I took all of your advices…
I got plenty of rest and drank a million cups of tea
(with lemon and honey of course)

I am also delighted to report that my dad is on the mend
and that his halo will be removed early January in time for
his birthday. I thank you all for inquiring about his health.
What have I done to deserve such a caring circle of friends?

While home with the flu, I had the time to read
Barbara Taylor Bradford’s new novel, Breaking The Rules.
This is a spin-off novel in the Woman of Substance series
or better known as the Harte Family Saga. I highly
recommend this book and the entire series.
Beautifully written, excellent read!!

There are two motives for reading a book:
one,that you enjoy it;
the other, that you can boast about it.


This year Father Christmas will not be the only
guest of honour at Rose Tea Cottage!!
My cousins will arrive on Thursday from Paris
to spend Christmas with me.

I know I have failed in my blogging duties of late and now
with a cottage full of family and friends it will be impossible for
me to blog regularly, do forgive me darlings!!
I am certain this will be the case with all of you during
this special time of the year.

I have just a few days to decorate my cottage
and be ready for my guests to arrive.

Darlings now do sit down with me and tell me all
about your Christmas plans over a nice cup of tea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Duchess,

So pleased to hear both you and your dad are on the mend. So many horrible coughs & colds around at this time of year, it is hard to not pick something up.

My dad is also (it seems) out of the woods (we hope) so fingers crossed both my dad & yours can have a better, healthier year next year :-)

Love the pictures of the christmas biscuits, they are beautiful!

Good luck with the decorating :-)

Rose XXX

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Duchess,

So glad to hear that you are over your flu. Also to hear that your Dad is on the mend. Wonderful news, my friend.
That is neat that you got to do some reading. I love those pretty biscuits.

Take care and I hope you have a wonderful week.


Michela said...

Hello Duchess, I'm so glad to hear such good news from you and your dear Dad!
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Michelloui said...

Pleased to hear you're both feeling better--just in time for Christmas entertaining! Beautiful, inspiring photos, by the way--makes me excited to start baking for Christmas. Happy decorating and have a lovely Christmas and New Year!! x

Dragonfly said...

So lovely to hear all your good news - and how nice you will be having loving family to join you for Christmas - how special!!
Those little starts look so wonderful - very nice. Great colours too :-)

Hope you are well enough to join Patsy and I for our Tuesday Tea Party! - Aussie theme for this week!
Warmest wishes to you and your dear father!

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back, Duchess!
love the biscuits :)


Barbara said...

Duchess, Beautiful Christmas cookies...

So happy to hear you are beeter and the new about yur father is wonderful and on top of all this the have cousins from far away visiting for Christmas, you are truly blessed.

Enjoy your fanily, we will still all be here when they are gone.


Elise said...

Darling Duchess ! So pleased you are back to full strength again ! Thank you for your lovely comment.

Can I recommend a book to you and your readers ?

It's 'Mao's Last Dancer' by Li Cunxin.

Yes it's about ballet but sooooo much more - you can literally smell the earth of rural China on the pages, it is written so perfectly.

Happy Christmas everyone, especially you darling Duchess !

Angie's Recipes said...

Duchess, welcome back to the blogging world! Your X'mas cookies look so lovely! I am watching now "Life of Brian" and having some tea too!
Wish you all the best!

yyam said...

I'm so glad things are working out well for you and your family! Happy holidays! :)

Thanks for sharing those yummy pictures!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

So glad to hear you are improved! Welcome back. Your snowflake pictures are gorgeous. Have a wonderful week. ; )

parTea lady said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. That is good news about your Dad, too.

I read A Woman of Substance many years ago and enjoyed it. Maybe I'll find time in the New Year to read Breaking The Rules.

That will be fun having your cousins with you for Christmas.
Thanks for the lovely post today - the cookies are gorgeous. Have a great week.

Florence and Mary said...

Duchess what fabulous news about your dad.

Have a splendid time with your family celebrating the festive season

Victoria xxx

Claudia said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better and getting ready for a Christmas filled with family. Have a wonderful holiday!


Madeline's Album said...

Glad you are over that flu. Love the colors of your cookies. They remind me of winter and snow. I have all my Christmas decorations out and have been baking up a storm. Have a great day. Madeline

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Dutchess, it is so wonderful to hear that your Dad is doing better! Thank you for the wonderfl pictures, they are so graceful and elegant! I am still unpacking after my long stay in Europe, but I am looking forward to decorating my house and puting up my Christmas tree, araping my gifts and inviting my friends, attending season parties and cooking Christams dinner. Thank you for the lovely cup of tea :-). Wishing you the most wonderful Monday.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweet Duchess...
I have so missed you. I have to tell you these blue stars are just the thing I needed for a little snack this morning with my tea. Your tea by the way, devine as always. Just hits the spot.

Thank you for sharing. I am so happy that you are up and atem again. That you Dad will be losing that halo after the holidays, and life will get back to normal. If there is such a thing as normal.

Have beautiful holidays with your family. Paris hu? Wow the gifts they must share. I would love just a post card from Paris. Just that little piece of it.

Please stop by soon. I so love it when you do. Country hugs, Sherry

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Duchess!

I just sent a comment but I don't think it went through (if this is a repeat please delete). Glad to hear you're feeling better and such wonderful news about your dear Father.

Sounds like you'll have have a full house this Christmas. Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog, it is much appreciated.
Happy decorating!

Susie's country cottage said...

Beatiful photos. I'm really pleased to hear that your dad is getting better and that you are recovering from the flu. I have been neglecting all my bloggy friends too just much to do and so little time to blog!
I hope you have a wonderful time with your cousins at Christmas.
Susie X

Heavenly Housewife said...

HOw wonderful. I bet you will decorate your house beautifully for all your guests and you will be a most excellent host. Remember to enjoy yourself too though, you deserve a wonderful holiday.
*kisses* HH

Vintage Amethyst said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better & that your dad is on the road to recovery too, that is fantastic news.
Sending you lots of love

Fairy Footprints said...


My dear friend, I am so sorry to hear that you were ill. I have missed visiting with you, and having tea.

I am extremely happy that you are back and feeling better.

The pictures were delightful as always sweety.

I enjoyed the beautiful light blue cookies they were charming, tasty so delicious. I hope you have a wonderful morning full of magic and decorating.



Deanna said...

Dearest Duchess,
May you have a wonderful Christmas!
I am pacing myself each day for preparations of decking the halls.

We have 3 trees in our home. One belongs to my daughter, who lives upstairs...the tree is pink with silver ornaments.

Just yesterday our 2 larger trees were put up with lights. Hoping to get ornaments on these during the week. One is in a bump out off our Parlor and the other is in the Family Room.

I was hoping to place our Nativity Scene on top of the piano!

When your Father's
halo comes off in January,that will be a welcomed day. May God Bless you all.

I am so very sorry about you having had the flu. Hope it stays away and gives you no more trouble.

Duchess, your pictures are so pretty and gentle. Think they are pleasant to see.

I don't mean to wear out my welcome, but the tea and cookies are to die for!!!

May all go well in the Rose Tea Cottage.

Thankyou for being a blogging friend and God Bless you!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...thanks for the visit to my blog and your kindness..loved it! I have one word that comes to mind as I look at your blog "DELICIOUS".
My father's family comes from England and looking through your blog, I can feel a lot of the feelings that were instilled in my growing up from him and from his Mom. I even have the "Old English" china tea set all set up on a little table. I don;t drink tea, but love the tea sets and the goodies! Gosh, you have so many comments and followers..wowza! Please come say hi any time :D Julie~

mica said...

cousin cuming over all the way frm Paris? sweeeeeeet! i wish i have a relative who stays in Paris, den i'll haf excuse to go there for holidaying :D

i havent been visiting much cos internet speed previously was @ snail's pace, and with all the packing up for trip back home, time has been scarce! i'm glad u've recovered well frm ur bout of flu and thank god for ur dad's speedy recovery!

Mimi said...

Oh so HAPPY you are feeling better!!!! No one likes to be sick, especially this time of year!!!!!
I know you are happy about company coming!!! That sounds like fun!!!Our daughter who lives in Florida will be here today!!!! Yeah!!!!!
It is raining here --going to all week!!!! Yeah!!! It looks like Christmas all gray and cloudy!!!!!
Cold for us as well!!!!!
Doing so many fun Holiday things this week with Stacie home for the week!!!!! Glad you are well take care of your self, I may get that book now!!!!

Marie Reed said...

I'll forgive you if you forgive me! LOL! Hugs!

Connie said...

Duchess, I am so pleased that your father is now on the mend, it has been a worry, and also glad that you are now on the mend also, keep warm and drink plenty. The biscuits look scrummy love and wishes xxx

maría cecilia said...

I´m so happy you are back feeling well and in good health and inspired to do this wonderful you make the cookies??
Good to know your father is doing that great!!
Hope you show us some pictures when you decor your home for christmas...
Many hugs to you dear Duchess
Maria Cecilia

OceanDreams said...

So glad you are feeling better and sorry you haven't been feeling well! I love your blue cookies and pictures, as always. Can't wait to see your lovely Christmas decorations via the web! XO!

jordiegirl said...

Oh, what super news about your Dad, just in time for the Christmas celebrations.

I am sure you will have a lovely holiday time with your cousins from Paris and you can tell us all about their visit after the celebrations are over. It will be something to look forward to in the New Year.

Meantime, my very best wishes to you and your dad for the Christmas season.

There are certainly lots of coughs and colds around at the moment and it is impossible to avoid them, there are so many children away from the school I work at just now - and of course we catch their germs!

MiniMadWoman said...

Oh, Duchess, I'm sorry to hear that you have been sick with that darn flu, but am glad to know you're on the mend! Be sure to get as much rest as you can for your visit . . . you don't want to be sick over Christmas!

I'm so glad that your Dad will be getting his halo off and will be able to enjoy his birthday without it. What a present!

Your post today is just lovely . . . I'm loving that blue and those cookies look divine! I love the blue house . . . it's exquisite!

Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a lovely visit and a Merry Christmas.


Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Duchess what wonderful news about your lovely dad!!
Your cookies and items in this post have me very hungry..I'm off to make a cup of green tea.

Marilyn said...

First, your cookies are just beautiful. Enjoy every moment with your family and celebrating the holiday.

I am getting ready for a special Mad Hatter Tea Party with a holiday flair this coming weekend. Much socializing and baking. Oh, I would just love to make some beautiful cookies too.

Take care and happy holidays.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hello my darling Duchess, so good to hear things are going well at the cottage.

Christmas sounds like it will be wonderful with family to share it with.

I just adore the gorgeous photo's as always.

Take care and enjoy,

Mary said...

Hello Duchess! I'm so glad you're back, but sad that you'll be gone again...but only for a little while. Like you, I will need to take a break as well...I'm sure many of us will...until after Christmas.

I'm very happy to know that your father is doing well...I'm sure that is a huge relief for you.

Do take care, so you don't relapse...we want you healthy and back with us soon!

God bless you, Duchess! Have a wonderful week and a very merry Christmas!


French Kissed said...

So happy to hear your health has returned and that your dad is making such great progress. We shall miss you while you take your break, but do enjoy your family and festivities.


Rose said...

Duchess, Im delighted to hear you and your father are both on the mend on the path back to health.

I too have been super busy, coming up to the end of my degree this Friday, so Ive been lacking posts, and commenting lately also.

How cute your christmas cookies are! I will certainly have to get out my christmas cookie cutters soon also. There is just too many things I want to bake at this time of year :)

How exciting your cousin is coming to stay from Paris. I hope you have a lovely time with them.


Chic Provence said...

HOW did you know I would LOVE your blog? and how can I follow? It is sooo lovely, I will visit often! thanks for following me!! am thrilled to find you

Federica said...

Ciao! grazie della tua visita nel mio blog!
il tuo blog è meraviglioso! sono rimasta incantata!

Mi dispiace non so l'inglese, spero capirai lo stesso.


Patricia said...

Hello Duchess,
Thank you very much for your complimets. I appreciate a lot your blog and I am very honor to have you reader on my blog.I well come back soon.
I embrace

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Your Grace,
So pleased you are thinking about merrymaking and leaving all that ugly, boring sickness behind! We too are looking forward to a cheerful Christmas--last year was filled with horror, this year we look forward to a nice prime rib and lots of pudding (flaming of course)!
The Prodigals

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

So happy that you conquered the flu. And for the good news, of your dad.

Now please just continue to rest, but also enjoy the coming Holiday Season with family. Worry not about blogging. If time permits in the New Year, you can pop back into the Land of Blog then.

Happy Christmas!
Aunt Amelia

Atelier de Charo said...

Oh that cookies looks delicious. Have a great time decorating your cottage!!!

Torie Jayne said...

Glad to hear you are both on the mend! I adore those cookies, they are the prettiest!
Have a great week! x

Ale said...

Thanks a lot for your visit in my blog. Your blog is fantastic. Please to meet you ! Alessandra

silk purse said...

Darling Duchess,

Have a blessed, warm, peaceful, "fulfilling to the core of your soul" and Merry Christmas season and visit with your loved ones darling!.., So glad your dearest father is continueing to gain strength!..,( I had "a tear" today, when as it was snowing here today, I wistfully remembered how my own dearly departed, dearest father and how we would "lock arms" and sing Christmas carols aloud, gustally and merrily each winter when the first snow would fall; just three years ago.., How he is missed!..,

I have been so very busy, as have we all no doubt!~Yet I have been missing you ever so much and longing to visit you and your lovely blog once more dear lady!..,

So here I am, "in wonderland" once more with those delightful cookies and blue icing, dream cookie confections, breathing a sigh of contentment!.., Ahhh!..,

If you get a free moment, do feel most welcome to pop by to The Plumed Pen Blog for a cup of piping hot "Rosey Lee" with the teddy bears and I,(and some hot chocolate tomorrow)..,

We'll be thinking of you fondly on Sunday when we serve an "actual/not virtual" Christmas Tea.~ The second of our season darling Duchess, and wishing you could be here; yet alas, you are too far away!..,

Warmest wishes, hugs, blessings and Christmas Cheer from Wanda Lee, a.k.a/ Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

cilla said...

Hello my dear friend duchess,im soo happy too hear you are feeling better and that your father is doing well.i hope you enjoy your time with your family,,,have a great christmas.and know i look forward to hearing from you soon.blessings to you always .cilla

Barbara said...

Dear Duchess, first of all thanks for stopping by my blog and leave a comment. You have a new follower too. I've read your profile and we have a lot in common, I like the style and the contents of your blog. I'm sorry beacuse I'm not posting in English any longer, lately I'm a little busy and ....lazy, but I promise I'll do it again :)


Carla B. Reeves said...

Hello Duchess,
Glad to hear you're on the mend and that you will have a cottage full of family for the Holidays. Are you going to be baking those gorgeous cookies you posted? Have a warm and wonderful repose with your family and friends!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Dearest Darling Dutchess,

I am very glad your father is on the mend! That is wonderful news :)

I am also glad that you are feeling better dear one.

The lovely cookies are just divine and I do think I will stay for a spot of tea and these wonderful cookies...I may even eat a wee too many if permissible :)

Love to you dearest,

Cinnamon-Girl Reeni♥ said...

You are the sweetest Duchess I have ever met! Thank you so much for visiting me and your sweet comments! Your gorgeous pictures gave me a little dose of Christmas spirit that I so badly needed. You have a new follower and a new friend in me.

choklad said...

Hi Duchess,

I'm a tea lover & your blog is addictive. It's pretty & sweet. I'll be dropping by very often and yes, your blog makes me hungry ~ those little lovely cupcakes & snacks are simply irresistible.


élif(keyf-i mutfak) said...

hi Duchess..Thank you very much for your are very kindly..your blog is very after 1 follow you.nice to meet you:)ı always waiting you come my blog:)

Megan said...

I LOVE your blog. You have a nrw subscriber. :) I believe I must have been a Dutchess in another life too. Happy Holidays to my new friend! I'll come visit often!

Megan said...

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you, Love the cookies. I think I've just inspired to make some this weekend! :)

Marydon Ford said...

Happy news you & Dad are better. This 'stuff' in lingering terribly for everyone this year.

Exquisite presentation beyond description ... you always pick me up with your beautiful goodies.

Merry Christmas, TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Those cookies are so beautiful. Much to pretty to eat :>) I am so glad to hear you and your father are doing better. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for sharing on your blog and for visiting mine. Many blessings to you this Advent season and New Year. Merry Christmas my dear friend. Enjoy your family ♥

Healthy Shift Worker said...

Loving the blue icing on your biscuits ... particularly the Xmas house!!

Have a happy Xmas with your family Duchess!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What wonderful news that you are feeling better and that your father's health has also greatly improved! It's been a trying time for you. I'm so glad you got a chance to get some good rest (& reading too)! Take care, dear! Blessings and big hugs, Coralie

Kelly said...

Please to hear you are feeling better and that your Dad is on the mend too! I am egerly awaiting his blog!!!!

shabbydreaming said...

OMG!!! the Cookies look AMAZING!!!! I'd love to try one of them bet they met in your mouth!!!
have a wonderful week!!!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I am sory for my bad english...but i am very,very happy that i can see it wonderfull world from your Blog,Duchess!!!-)
Thankyou very march!-)))

With smile en love,Violetta.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Duchess,
I am so sorry you have not been well! I do hope you are much better now! It's a particularly busy holiday season this year because along with everything else, my husband and I are moving out of Washington at the end of next month! I will try and keep up the best I can until we are settled again! Please stay well and I hope the same for your father too!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season!



My Passport to Style said...

Hi Duchess, adore your white and blue cookie post so adorable.Winter magic!How lovely your cousins from Paris are coming to you, bet they can't wait! Sharon xx

mrs.mfc said...

Ohhh those colors are just gorgeous!!

Morena said...

Cara tuo blog è ne sono innamorata!!!

mi piacerebbe che il mio fosse così!!!

ciao Morena

racheld said...

Oh, Your Grace,

I'm so very delighted and honoured that you have joined us for LAWN TEA.

I would write much more, as I am wont to do, but the Teacakes are coming out of the oven, and I must put the kettle on for 4:30 Tea.

Today's flavour is Wimbledon, a quite delicious soft afternoon blend. To accompany, two bread-and-butter-fingers each, and a still-warm Teacake, by my own Dear Mammaw's recipe.

I DO wish you could join us---my hat today is pale rose, and my Little One is donning a chapeau of pale green stripes, with a cunning tassel.

Thank you for the honour of your presence at our little daily gathering.


PS I have heard by the grapevine that one of my Christmas Gifts is a TEA-A-Season, with a trip to special places for Afternoon Tea in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

RIZZI said...


m.e (Cathie) said...

so good to hear that you & your dad are getting better.
i wish you the very best time with your family over christmas & send you many, many hugs sweet Duchess.
thank you for always finding the time to drop by & make me smile with your cheerful sweet messages.

Mz. Spider said...

Hi Duchess! I've missed you terribly as well. It is wonderful that your father is on the mend. I will pray that the removal of his halo will go smoothly.

Christmas is here! There has been lots of decorating, baking, visiting, shopping, wrapping, crafting, singing, snuggling by the fire, decking the halls, and overall enjoying this magical holiday. I hope that your Christmas is as lovely as you are, Duchess.

Muchmuch love to you and yours. xoxoxo

susan said...

Darling Duchess,
Brympton Towers calling. Well my dear after that terrible invasion from the B.B.C we are all recovering here and looking forward to settling down on Wed after christmas to watch the adaptation of The Turn Of The Screw. As it conveniently starts at 9pm we thought we'd start with drinks in the Library and make our way to the Great Hall and take our seats near the roaring log fire.
We are so looking forward to your royal visit on the completion of the state rooms we estimate that to be about May.
If you are anywhere near Somerset on Valentine's Day the launch of takes place in the Ballroom and we would obviously be grateful for your patronage.
Adoration as always,

Preeti Kashyap said...

I love these blue Christmas biscuits...would u mind sharing the recipe with me?

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hello dear Duchess,

thanks for visiting my blog, and for your sweet comments. Hope your dad is better soon. Blessings, and Peace to you also, and have a wonderful Christmas.


Gail said...

Your blog has such beautiful pictures, it's a treat to consume. Best wishes for the festive season!

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dear Duchess,
I am sorry you were not well but am glad you are better now. I am also very happy to hear that your father is doing better now too.

My sweet husband and I have a very fun Christmas Eve planned! There is an exhibit at The Phillips Collection here in Washington on the photographer Man Ray, which we have tickets to go see. Then we will come home, have eggs benedict for dinner, open one present each and then off to sleep like good boys and girls to wait for Santa to come! We still do not know how he gets in, as there is only a radiator and not a chimney!!

I hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful Christmas and an equally lovely new year!



Gaia said...

Darling Duchess,

thanks for your sweet comment!
Love those cookies...I'm trying to decorate mine too in this way!

Love and Merry Christmas!

Shabs.. said...

Hi duchess,
first of all let me say sorry for not stopping here in a pc has been running soooooooo slow and so i was stuck not being able to do much. I was conscious about t he prevoius lovely comments u had left on my blog, and i cudnt reply to those either!!!Just purchased a new Laptop, so shud be a regular again:)....
So how are u?....i was wondering, did u bake those lovely cookies?...they look so yummy....And being in uk, where the sun is always under the clouds, how do u mange to get such beautiful and bright pictures?!!...

Once again, thank u so much for checking on me...thats soooo nice of u....
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

You truly have the most exquisite eye for beauty xoxox I am so Happy You share it and so Happy I found You :o)

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