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My darlings do forgive me for not being a good blogging friend of late. This hasn't been a good week for me as I have had a blinding migraine everyday. I feel terrible for not being able to visit your blogs and to respond to your comments and emails. I am hoping to get rid of this nasty migraine and to return to blogging soon. I just couldn't let Easter pass without posting my good wishes for you.

May God bless you at Easter
and keep you all year through

May God give you all the faith you need
to make your dreams come true

May His love and wisdom always help
to guide you on your way

May His light shine down upon you now
to bless your Easter Day

Wishing every bunny a joyous and blessed Easter

Happy Easter my Darlings


Selba said...

Happy Easter, Duchess!

Hope that you are feeling well soon, let the bunnies and eggs chase away your migraine, ok ;)

Hugs & Kisses.

Heavenly Housewife said...

Dear Duchess,
Hope you feel good enough to enjoy your Easter weekend!
*get well kisses*

Vicki said...

Dearest Duchess,
wishing you a wonderful easter and a speedy recovery!
my god bless and keep you
Vic xxxxx

Inspiration in Italy said...

Oh Duchess, I do hope that your migraine goes away soon and so sorry to hear of your pain. :( This is such a beautiful Easter post and I cannot tell you how badly I want a slice of that cake!! Stunning images.

Happy Easter to you. ♥

m.e (Cathie) said...

wishing that horrid migraine of yours away.
hugs to you & your family this easter weekend lovely Duchess

hugs to you

Flaviana said...

Dear Duchess
this is a truly beautiful post! I hope you will be feeling better very,very soon and wish you a sweet,peaceful and happy Easter.
Big hugs from me
xo Flaviana

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour dear Duchess,
So sorry to hear about your migraine, you just had one a few weeks ago. When mine hits I use a hot (scalding) water bottle and lay it right on my head. Just go to bed with it. It may not help alot but I find the heat is somewhat soothing. Get well soon my sweet friend.
Wishing you every Easter blessing for you and your family,

Dragonflyshop said...

Dear Duchess , an warmy hag for you , I hope to feeling well soon soon , spend an Happy and relaxing Easter with all your family

Miss Baptista said...

If I had one pil
to make your migraine go away
I would put it in an envelop
and send it out to you.

Have a nice easter weekend.

Miss Baptista

Not Beautiful Enough said...

Your blog is absolutely lovely!
I have a question. Where do you get these wonderful pictures from? Are they yours??

bekimarie said...

Hope you feel better very soon!

Wishing you a very Happy and restful Easter Duchess.

Beki xxx

Tennis Girl said...

Hope you are feeling back to yourself real soon!
Have a nice Easter.

Anonymous said...

darling Duchess

thankyou for your warm message (all the more precious considering how you feel).
i certainly count you in my blessings too. you spread so much love, light and beauty in the world as well as great kindness.
i very much hope that your migraines (such a terrible affliction, you poor dear) recede soon xxx
your display delightful as well as is so elegant, tasteful and joyful.
are you able to enjoy a hot-cross bun today? i just had one warm with melted butter and it was heavenly! perhaps i can offer you a virtual one along with an extra nice and refreshing cup of tea.

much love and Easter joy to you and yours xxx

Mara said...

Dear Duchess, I've found your beautiful blog thanks to your comment to Elyse's Tinkered Treasures for your Home. Well, I LOVE tea: green, black, white, with pastries, cakes, cream teas (which are my faveourites - I discovered them in Devon) and really could not resist to your wonderful blog!!! So now I'm a follwer and will come back again and again! I wish you a happy and serene Easter and, as I've read you haven't feel well lately, to recover very soon!!!
Hugs, Mara.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

My dearest Duchess!-)*

I wish I could help you,my sweet friend with you pain...!-(

You have SO delightful,joyful Easter post here,darling!
All images are ful of peace and beauty,LOVE this SOooo much!

Thank you very,very much for you beautiful,lovely comment by me,it is really important and very dear for me,it tuched my heart!-)))*

Many,many blessings for you,my dearest friend,

Much Love,

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Dearest Duchess,
I do hope you are feeling better soon! Real life has kept me away from the blogging world recently also, but I just wanted to let you know how much I have missed you!

Thank you for the inspiring Easter message.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend,


All things nice... said...

Oh Duchess

Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog, you always have such delightful photographs in your posts. Wishing you a wonderful Easter and lots of good wishes :)

All things nice...

Rose said...

I hope you too have a lovely easter.
Hope your migrane dissapears soon, maybe some chocolate will help? ;)
Thankyou for sharing these lovely photos, theyre all delightful, such lovely spring colours.


Preeti Kashyap said...

Happy easter to you too love!

Kissed by an Angel said...

My dear Duchess, I do hope you will be feeling much better soon. I hope this horrible phase soon passes and you will be restored to good health.
Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter.

Federica said...

Ciao!! complimenti per questo post meraviglioso..e irresistibile!! ciao!!

Katy Noelle said...

You truly are a Darling! I always hope, when blogging friends disappear, that it is because they are so full of life that they just can't get to it all. I am so sad to hear it's because you aren't feeling well! I will pray for you and, that's it, I'll ask my church to pray for you too!

Heavens to Betsy on these pictures. It's another jaw dropping post. Beautiful, and wonderfully celebrational for Easter! Happy Easter and spring to you, too!

Love and hugs and kisses,

Katy Noelle

Catherine said...

Sorry to hear you have been unwel ~ hope you are better soon!

Once again....lovely photos!

Happy Easter xx

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I send you peace. I send you calm. Faery wishes will be your balm. I wish you well, this I tell, so that in happy thoughts you will dwell. Love to you when you are not feeling sparkly and each day. Blessings.

Gail said...

Beautiful photos Duchess. All the very best for Easter and hope you feel better soon.

The Old Cupboard Door said...

Your blog is truly lovely. I have enjoyed look at your wonderful photos and reading your beautiful Easter blessing.


Michela said...

Dearest Duchess, I'm so sorry to hear you've been unwell. Take care and be back soon in your truly tea-licious mood!
Warm wishes and Happy Easter!

~~louise~~ said...

Happy Easter, Duchess!

Hope you're feeling better real soon. I'll keep my voice down, those migraines can be real doozies!!!

Have you tried some Rosemary Oil on the temples? Sometimes it works for me...

I must say, each and every photo is delectably stunning. I'm especially intrigued by the checkerboard cake. So "purty."

Susie's country cottage said...

Dear Duchess
I hope your migraine goes soon and that you will be able to enjoy Easter.
Take care.
Susie X

Heather Jensen said...

Hope you ae feeling better soon. I am sorry you have to go through all that pain for days.

Happy Easter to you too! :)


Claudia said...

Darling Duchess, I am so sorry to hear about your migraine. I hope your pain eases very soon and that you can enjoy Easter.

Take care, my friend.


Madelief said...

Dear Dutchess,

Ohhhh a migraine, that is horrible. One of my daughters is troubled with is sometimes. So I know horrible it can! I hope you will feel better soon! Such cheerful floral displays you posted today. I think we have the same taste in flowers!!

I consider myself very lucky to have you as a friend as well :-)!

Wish you and your family a blessed Easter!

Lieve groet, Madelief

rosenrot said...

Oh Duchess, das tut mir sooo leid, Du hast sehr mit Migräne zu kämpfen nicht wahr?? Erst vor kurzem ging es Dir auch so schlecht und nun schon wieder!!! Hoffe Du hast jetzt erstmal Ruhe
Deine Bilder sind so fantastisch, deine wunderschön gedeckte Ostertafel sieht so einladend aus, ich würde gerne Platz nehmen und einen Tee mit Dir trinken... auch von dieser köstlich aussehenden Veilchentorte (ist es eine?) würde ich sehr gerne ein Stück probieren hhhmmm so lovely!!!
Danke für diese schönen Osterbilder und auch Dir und deiner Familie ein wunderbares Osterfest!!
Hugs and kisses

GardenofDaisies said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! Happy Easter to you!

Susan said...

I am a new follower and must tell you that your blog is a complete delight to the senses! I pray that you will recover from your painful headaches and enjoy the holiday that you have posted about so beautifully!
Blessings, in Jesus, this Easter week-end!

Ingrid DeVilliers said...

Dear Duchess

Thank you so much for our beautiful post...I enjoyed looking at all the beautiful photographs and kind words......May you have a wonderful, blessed Easter. Hope you feel better soon! Ixx

koralee said...

Praying for you my friend...nothing worse than a sweet daughter suffers from them so I can relate to your pain...she came home from ballet class with one yesterday...and is still suffering today. Hugs my friend. xoxoxo

RosieP said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Duchess, Happy Easter to you too, hope the migraine has finally gone, nothing worse my dear.

Hugs RosieP x

Deb Harvey said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Your post is so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Deanna said...

Dear Duchess,
May you as well have a blessed Easter!

I am sorry to hear about the migraines. I know by experience...they are aweful.

I hope that there is a medicine you can take to ease this discomfort.

God heal you. No more migraines.

Kittie Howard said...

My dear Duchess, How very gracious and thoughtful of you to think of us and give us such an inspirational and beautiful post when you feel so poorly. My Easter wish is for your migraine to disappear into a basket of bunny grass and chocolates. From across the Pond, a Yankee hug for you. And Happy Easter to you and yours!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Skip skip hop hop hoppity hop! An Easter message from the Duchess and a really lovely surprise Message from the lovely DOD! Well I am twice blessed, thank you for lifting my flagging spirits you lovely rose tea people!

Happy hapopy Easter,

Love Sarah x x x

Anonymous said...

I can empathize with you, I've been suffering with migranes too, and asthma! It's never fun to have to deal with sickness or pain..

hope you feel completely better, love!

have a wonderful weekend....return to blogging when you can, we'll all still be here looking forward to all that you do!

ciao bella

Anonymous said...

I can empathize with you, I've been suffering with migranes too, and asthma! It's never fun to have to deal with sickness or pain..

hope you feel completely better, love!

have a wonderful weekend....return to blogging when you can, we'll all still be here looking forward to all that you do!

ciao bella

Don said...

And good wishes for you too Duchess!
Hope you feel better.

Rizzi said...


Hetty Summers said...

Happy Easter Duchess ♥

Sorry to hear about the terrible headahes you are experiencing. My wish for you this Easter will be to rid of your migraines for good.

Joy to you
Hetty xoxo

Bella said...

What a lovely, lovely Easter post! I hope you are feeling better soon. I have been having trouble with a wisdom tooth here the last week or so and it's awful. Please stop by for a visit when you get a chance - I have a little something for you on my blog.

Gypsy Purple said...

I wish you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

Holly Loves Art said...

Happy Easter Dear Duchess. I hope you're feeling better now. I'm so sorry you've been under the weather. Yes you always manage to provide us with a beautiful uplifting post. Thank you for this today. It means a lot.
Take care,

debi said...

What a beautiful post Duchess!

I hope your migraine goes away...very soon! Those are nasty.

Wishing a very Happy Easter to you and yours!
Hugs, Debi

Marlene said...

Dear Duchess,
Hope you feel better soon! Wishing you a fun and happy Easter with all your family.

Lula said...

Dear Duchess,
how horrid to be beset by pain. I hope it will soon pass and life will seem easy again.
In the meantime Happy Easter to you and what a joy and inspiration your Rose Tea Cottage is! Thank you

Jeanne said...

Best wishes Duchess, I can relate...migraines are just an awful thing to deal with. There are times when you feel like they will never leave. I hope you are feeling better wishes for a wonderful weekend :)

Linda said...

Duchess, so hoping that this will pass soon for you and you can enjoy Easter with your family!

Maggie said...

Happy Easter my darling Duchess. I hope you're feeling better soon dearheart!

parTea lady said...

Thank you for all the lovely Easter eye candy. I hope you are soon feeling much better.

Have a very Happy Easter, Duchess.

Rosemary and Pink said...

Happy Easter Dear Duchess. Once again you have amazed us with these photos. I hope your migraine gets better soon so that you can enjoy Easter.


LuLu Kellogg said...

Oh Dear Lovely One~

I do hope you get better soon...I have been suffering from the same thing. It's the change in the weather, I am sure.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter,


Marilyn said...

Happy Easter in return! I hope your migraine is better very soon.

Serena said...

A very Happy Easter to you, Duchess!

Feel better soon ~ xo

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit..I love all your images here, my friends brought me some tulips just that color, I have enjoyed them all week and was sad to throw them away today. Have a great Easter weekend :D

Vicki said...

Hello, sweet one,
I hope you are feeling much better. Thank you so much for the wonderful Easter blessings. I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed, beautiful holiday! Sending love and laughter your way! Vicki

Vintage Crown said...

Duchess you have set another pretty post for us. I wanted to come by and wish you Happy Easter. Hope your migraine goes away so that you can enjoy the day.

Shelia said...

Dearest Duchess, thank you so much for your precious comments to me. I cherish your friendship also!
Happy Easter Dear One,
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

xinex said...

It's always a pleasure to come here, Duchess. You have the most gorgeous photos. Happy Easter to you too!...Christine

xinex said...

It's always a pleasure to come here, Duchess. You have the most gorgeous photos. Happy Easter to you too!...Christine

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Aw Duchess you are a doll! I am so sorry honey that your having such bad headaches. Honestly headaches are worse than going to the dentist and having a root canal..
I just wish I could do something for you...have you seen a he helping you...
Take care and do not worry about us but do keep in touch with me because I have missed the Duchess in my life.
Happy Easter honey

Jolie Rosie said...

Precious Duchess,

Sad to hear you are not feeling well. I used to get migraines a lifetime ago so I know the pain. Feel better soon, will pray for you.


I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Dear Duchess,
I cannot believe that you produced this Beautiful post while you were dealing with a migraine! You have once again proved how amazing you truly are!
I sincerely hope that your head feels better and that you have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Duchess,

Sorry to hear that you have had a migraine and I hope that you are feeling better now.
Have a very happy Easter and just love all the pretty photos you have shared.


Florence and Mary said...

Happy Easter darling Duchess. I hope you are feeling better. I seem to have been struck down with a nasty cold this weekend throwing out all my plans!

Victoria x

Fågel Blå said...

Thanks for you comments on my blog!
I hope you feeling better soon!
And I whish you a happy easter!
Many hugs to you!

Karen Sullivan said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering from migraines. My hubby suffers from them from time to time and when he has one it usually last over a week. My heart aches for you, hope it will go away to never return. Duchess wanted to wish you and your family a very happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wishes Duchess
Hope you have a blessed Easter day! :)

Thea said...

Happy Easter Sweetie! I so sympathise with your pain as I have just gotten over a migraine too - the third one in as many weeks. We really need to relax I think. x

Lucie said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine, hope you're feeling better. Your Easter pictures are just gorgeous. I wish you a very Happy Easter, please click on the link - I have sent you an easter greeting. with love, Lucie x

Nora Johnson said...

Darling Duchess!

We both hope you're feeling well enough to enjoy your Easter weekend!

*Get well kisses from us both*

XOXO Dame Nora & Damette Lola:)

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh sweet lady, hope you are feeling better now.
Have a lovely Easter weekend.
lots of love

Boonsong said...

Hope the headaches better

Uzbe Girl said...

happy easter Duchess, no haedache for you.


Shabs.. said...

Dear duchess.....seasons greeting to you too....Hope u get past that nasty migraine....i used to hAVE it w=once in a while and i used to be left with the hang over of that nasty headache....get well soon...
Your pics are gorgeous, refreshing and so soothing...I wanna know, d u take them all by urself? u bake those gorgeous goodies all by urself?....cos i never get to see those beauties even in stores....Its that good!

Emma said...

Wishing you a very Happy Easter Duchess..Em x

Debbie said...

Gorgeous post Duchess!~ Those cupcakes and cake looks delicious! Very cute ending with the pink bunny! Thank you for the warm Easter wishes and I wish you and your lovely family the same. Debbie

Debbie said...

P.S. I hope your Migraine goes away soon UGH!~

Catherine said...

So sorry you are not feeling well. Migraines ~ so hard to get rid of!

Such lovely photos ~ as always!

Hope you have a most wonderful Easter Duchess!

Janean said...

how i can relate to blinding migraines, so a very gentle hug, duchess.

thank you for the lovely post, photos and Easter wish.


Rita said...

Dear Duchess,
I hope your migraine's gone now so that you'll be able to enjoy a wonderful easter weekend with lots of yummy chocolate eggs and lil bunnies to cheer you up.
I'll count you as well among my blessings as meeeting you has truly meant a lot to me.
From the very first moment i came across your marvelous blog I knew this would brigten up my days and,most of the times - my evenings.
all my luv and zillions of hugs.

Bunny, THE PARIS HOUSE said...

Dear Duchess,
Please take care of yourself, I too suffer with migraines on occasion. I take Advil with caffeinated pepsi and an ice pack and it helps. ( I also notice when I don't have enough iron my headaches get worse) I hope you are better now and are enjoying Easter weekend.

Marie Antionette said...

Happy Easter to you also your Grace,
I am so sorry about your migraine. I know they can be very bad. I feel very bad for not posting and visiting like Ise to. But Its really hard for me also. I really enjoyed your Easter post.Its just gorgeous here.All your decor and the pastel colors make me happy.Thank you too for your lovely comments.They brightened up my day.April 2 was mine and hubby's 38th anniverary.Although we celebrate it on Easter.We were married on an Easter.LOL. You have a wonerful Easter Day.I will be thinking about you.May god Bless you and I'll pray your migraine will leave you alone,
XXOO Marie Antionette

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Good morning, Duchess. I hope you are feeling better soon! I once had horrible migraines myself which used to put me down for a couple of days. It was awful! Your post is beautiful and such a treat for the eyes. Everything is lovely. Thank you for your visit, dear friend. Wishing you and your family a beautiful Easter weekend.


Nellie's Cozy place said...

Morning Duchess
and Happy Easter to you too!
So sorry to hear you are having those horrible migraines, will sure be praying for you.
That was a lovely Easter post and a lovely poem.
I pray you a have a Wonderful and Blessed Easter Sweet Friend,

The Vintage Kitten said...

Happy Easter Duchess! X

Linda J. said...

Happy Easter, Duchess! Beautiful post, as always!

Mayflower said...

Hello dear Duchess, I hope the migraine is over now and so you can enjoy the Easterdays.
I enjoy those lovely pictures you have show us and I will also thank you so much for your sweet comment.
I wish you and your love-ones a Happy Easter.
Warmly greeting, Mea

French Kissed said...

Oh Duchess, you poor dear. I do hope you are feeling much better and that you are enjoying a wonderful and blessed Easter. My thoughts and prayers are with you sweet one.


Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Happy easter duchess, hope you feel better soon
Louise x

Lynn said...

I am so very sorry about your migraines. They are nasty! I will keep you in my prayers. This post is especially beautiful for Easter. It made me smile and go "ahhh so pretty". But what will make me smile more is knowing your migraine has gone away for good and you are back with us again. You are soooo missed. Blessed Easter wishes to you and yours.

Fleurette said...

Hello dear Duchess, I wish you and your family Happy Easter!!!
Nice evening and week-end
Hugs Fleurette

Belén said...

Dear Duchess,
thanks for this lovely post!!
I wish you get well soon and enjoy the Easter Weekend.
Happy Easter to you and your family!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. I pray you feel relief soon. Your pictures are just gorgeous and I love your Easter Blessing. Thank you and a Happy Blessed Easter to you and yours. Happy PS~

Beth said...

Duchess, I hope you feel better very soon!
I love this post. I think the checkerboard cake and the decorated cookies are awesome! How I wish I could have them on my Easter table! Duchess, may you have a joyous Easter! God bless - Beth

JamaGenie said...

Happy Easter, Duchess, and a big get well SOON hug too!


tea time and roses said...

Happy Easter to you Dear Duchess. Enjoy a most lovely day.



Dragonfly said...

Such beautiful pictures!
Get well soon. I had a migraine too on Good Friday :-( but feeling fab now - hoping you are too!
Cheers, Karen

Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

What a beautiful post dear Duchess. I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family and friends. (migraine free). Thank you so much for coming by and visiting.

Love and Hugs!!!

Lisa said...

I've been reading so I have been bad too! Hope you are feeling better and there is great weather where you are!

Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

BeautifulDees said...

Oh I have dealt with migraine's all of my adult life and it is so miserable. I hope you will get better very soon. Love you blog dear.
Love ya,Debbie

Cooking with Laura said...

Happy & Blessed Easter Wishes to you and your family Duchess. Hope your migraine has gone away for good by now.


Riet said...

Have a very happy Easter Duchess wihout the nasty migraine.

Bloomfield Country said...

Happy Easter Duchess
Hope you migraine goes away. I use to get them too until we moved to the country at which time they stopped. Praying for you this Easter day.

Bloomfield Country

jordiegirl said...

Thank you for your Easter greetings Duchess.

I wish you and yours a joyous Easter time.

By the way, my niece had a baby boy, Jayden Che, he's my great nephew, that's 3 I have now. Although I have never met the other 2 as they live in Toronto.

Sorry I haven't stopped by lately, too much to do in so little time - as usual.

Julie said...

Hi Sweet Duchess, I do hope you are feeling better and I hope you have a wonderful Easter...
Happy Easter

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Oh, my por Duchess! Please, get well soon! I hope you are having wonderful Easter. I am sending you million happy Easter sun bunnies your way.:-)))

Natasha said...

How sweet you are dear Duchess to post these gorgeous pictures and this beautiful post when you are feeling so unwell. I hope that you feel better very soon and that you take care of yourself.

Blessings and best Easter wishes,

♥zoe♥ said...

Dear Duchess:)
You're way too sweet to me! Thank You for your lovely post and wonderful comments always! Hope you feel much better today, as usual delighted with all your beautiful images:)

Love you sweetie!
Wonderful week for you & family.

Anonymous said...

I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.
ronj1946 at gmail dot com

God Bless You, Ron

Noche de verano said...

Lovely Duchess;

Hope you are feeling better my dear,thank you for sharing your inspiring photos and blessings.

My best wishes to you and your loved ones for this Easter.

Hugs and kisses.

Mary Beth @ Live. Laugh. Make Something said...

I'm out and about blog hopping and stumbled in here... I am sooo happy that I did! Your blog is beautiful and so very interesting as well. I have become a follower and I look forward to coming back to look around even more. Please accept my invitation to drop in at my place one day this week when you get a moment. until later...

Stitch and Roses said...

Happy Easter my friend, the Duchess of Tea. Hope your dinner went well. I wish you and your family a very happy Easter and a very happy rest of the year to follow. You are one of a kind and so loved.

Lady A

birthday girl said...

such lovely easter treats- hope you had a wonderful day dear!

Cinnamon-Girl said...

Happy Easter my sweet Duchess! I hope you're feeling better! *HUGS*

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

I pray you feel better, dear! Happy Easter!

Sasha {Everything Fabulous} said...

Dear Duchess! Thank you darling for stopping by and your lovely comment!! Visiting bloggers friends is always a pleasure..I definitely need to make more time for it!!! I hope you had a very nice are a very special lady!

Jenny said...

Happy Easter! Hope you feel better soon :) God Bless!

Mz. Spider said...

DEAR, DARLING DUCHESS!!!! I really have missed you so very much! I wish that I could sit down and talk to you about all the things...but, oh well. I pray that your father is well...or better. I hope that you and your family are warm & well. I WILL be back...MUCH sooner than later. I have MUCH to tell. :)


Debbie said...

Love your Easter collection - Happy Easter to you and to yours xo

café e chocolate said...

Lindo seu blog, que prazer em te conhecer! Happy Easter/Feliz Páscoa!Vamos sempre manter contato. Kisses, Socorro!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Please say you are better? I know they say chocolate is bad for your head but I always find the reverse to be true....sending you mini eggs in pretty foils,

Sarah x

Kitty M said...

A very Happy Easter to you my lovely Duchess, I just hope you have had some respite from your migraine and the opportunity to eat some goodies over the holiday weekend. Sending you some healing cupcakes and a much brighter week xxx

Beatnheart said...

Dear Duchess,
You are so sweet and kind to visit me and leave such a heart warming comment...Thnak you so much. You have so many followers, so many comments to read yet you take the time to spread your joy around.

september cottage said...

Dear Duchess!!

What fabulous fun your blog is - I LOVE it!!!! Very glad to have stumbled across it!!!!

Hope that nasty migraine did not spoil the Easter Holiday Weekend too much!!!

Happy Easter!!


Leann said...

Sending love and wishes to be migraine free. Hope that you had a blessed Easter!


Taj Acosta said...

Hoping you are feeling better doll! Sending you peace and joy to clear the migraines! Have a blessed week! xoxo

Muneeba said...

Gorgeous! Hope u had a lovely Easter, full of health & happiness :)

Rosalie said...

Hope you had a nice Easter, Duchess and got rid of that nasty migraine!!!

Love your blog and all your photos they are beautiful.

cilla said...

my sweet Duchess thank you so much for stopping by have missed you , i hope you are feeling better love cilla

Deborah said...

Love how you stated that faith is a blessing from God. It surely is. I think sometimes we forget to ask again...sending you late Easter Blessings. **kisskiss** Deb

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