Rose Tea Cottage

Where tea is served at half past four

Old Trollop vs English Rose


The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Hehe - what more is there to say;) I love your blog, so glad to have found you!!!!!!

JamaGenie said...

I love Rose Tea Cottage! Definitely my kind of place! But you must've had to look a long time for such a good photo of Horseface. She almost looks human here.

Although our beloved English Rose is gone (but never forgotten), we can be ever thankful it was she who produced Charles' sons, not Mrs. Keppel's great-granddaughter. No telling what *two* uglies would've turned out.

Eileen said...

I never did get the attraction! What is wrong with that man?!
I always liked Princess Di. I did a post recently on grace and she was one of the women I chose as a personification of grace.
All the best,

Who Lives in a house like this? said...

I love your blog, and i'm sure if Camilla had of stuck to her own husband she may have been a very nice person, but she is nothing but a common marriage wrecker, and she might think she's had the last laugh, true maybe one day she'll become the kings wife, but her ultimate misfortune is she will always be compared to Diana and to that she is a poor substitute. And please can somebody stop this constant television campaign trying along with Prince charles and Camilla's friends to portray Camilla as the true Lady, and how she behaved impeccably during the whole royal marriage scandal, HELLO! Impeccably?? She was Sh***ing a maried man! The best thing Charles could do now is send the old bag to the Duchy Origanal kitchens and get her cooking! coz let's face it she ain't got a face for upstairs!

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