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~~I hope they were all served a hot cuppa ~~

Perhaps some of the 8,000 guests who had dressed in keeping with the UK's recent sunny spell had been a little optimistic as they arrived for the Queen's first garden party of the summer. Wellington boots and umbrellas would've been more appropriate than hats and summer dresses after guests had to wade through puddles at Buckingham Palace following torrential rain. And celebrations had to be cut short following Britain's heaviest downpour since records began in 1865. Fortunately the British monarch and her husband Prince Philip had completed their walkabout before the heavens opened, and managed to stay dry. But as giant hail stones and three inches of rain bombarded the royal lawn among a series of thunder bolts, the thousands of guests weren't so lucky and were forced to take cover under a marquee.


Top bird said...

Oh, I really felt sorry for them all when it started bucketing down. Not fun at all. Love your blog, I'm a bit tea-obsessed too! xx

dustjacket attic said...

Oh that is such a shame, fancy that, heaviest rain since 1865 wow. Just not their lucky day!xx

Top bird said...

Hi Duchess - lovely to hear from you! You might like the 'Week of Tea' I did last year, check it out:

JamaGenie said...

Oh my word! What a mess! But I'm guessing most were thrilled to be drenched in the garden of Buck House. I would be. :-)

Duchess of Tea said...

Welcome to my cottage Top Bird

dustjacketattic look at the bright side, they got to go inside of the Buck House

Jama, they got to go inside of the Buck house too!!

Duchess of Tea said...

Top Bird, thanks for the link, I read everyone of the posts and loved the pics. SImply lovely!!

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